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Bonus Short Story for
The Dragon Waking
Available Now!

While Rose and Jade face off against a dangerous enemy, their friends Clay and Mrs. Jersey are facing perils of their own. Inside the Lost World casino, statues and fossils of dinosaurs are coming to life... and they haven't had a meal for 65 million years!

This thrill-packed tale takes place during Chapter 20 of The Dragon Waking.

So how do you receive this story?

This story is a special gift for anyone who writes a review for The Dragon Waking online. Simply post your review (good or bad -- be honest!), then EMAIL ME with the link to your review. Then I'll send you the story as a PDF.

Here are some suggestions of places you can go to post your review:

Or go to your favorite book site that has customer reviews! Remember, just EMAIL ME at graysontowler@comcast.net with a link to your review, and I'll send you "Escape from Lost World."

Many thanks,
Grayson Towler
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